The modern way to create long-term value

Increasing global pressure for resources. Rising stakeholder expectations. Technology-driven transparency. The landscape of opportunity and risk is shifting faster than ever for business.

Framework is a next-generation consultancy helping companies establish strategic advantages in this new world. Our work integrates traditional management priorities with insights into key factors correlated with company value, including:

  • The economic, environmental, social, and governance contexts in which your company operates
  • Efficient and responsible deployment of your financial, social, and natural capital
  • Far-sighted management of material opportunities and risks
  • The impacts of key stakeholders’ expectations and satisfaction on your company’s performance and reputation

The Framework Promise

We will:

  1. Listen. Carefully.
  2. Call it as we see it.
  3. Keep our eye on the big picture while paying meticulous attention to the details.
  4. Ask you to examine your opportunities, risks, responsibilities, challenges, achievements, and shortcomings with an honest eye.
  5. Bear in mind the difference between “ideal” and “possible.”
  6. Hold ourselves and our work to exceedingly high standards.
  7. Be enjoyable to work with and help you through the tough days.

Why Framework?

Think different

“How do we know it’s not full of consultants?”
It’s normal to be wary of consultants. But we’re serious about being different.We’re motivated by a mission to do right by our clients, good for the world, and well enough for ourselves. We don’t believe in hard-sell tactics, don’t live to run up billable hours, and don’t assume we can do your job better than you can.

Most importantly, our talented team of ethical, driven experts are genuinely committed to helping you succeed sustainably.

9 facts about Framework

  • Clients in Fortune 500, S&P 500, DJSI
  • Research cited by Bloomberg,, Harvard Business School professors and American Institute of CPAs
  • GRI Organizational Stakeholder since 2005
  • Strategic Counsel to UN Global Compact U.S. Network; Advisory Council members, SASB
  • Innovators in application of Bloomberg ESG
  • Recognized leaders in materiality analysis
  • Woman-owned business certified by WBENC
  • Best Practices Honor at 2014 APA National Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards
  • Offices in Stamford, CT, and Seattle, WA, with strategic partners around the US and world

Serving leading companies since 2003

Delivering Clear and Tangible Value

Since 2003, we’ve helped dozens of leading companies position themselves for greater success, address complex issues, and receive increased recognition. And many choose to build long-term partnerships with us. In fact, half of our clients have worked with us for at least 5 years — a testament to the sustained strength of our work.

While the financial implications of some of these matters have at times gone unrecognized, growing numbers of business leaders and experts are demonstrating the many ways in which sophisticated understandings of financial, social, and environmental shifts are central to modern management and future success.

Framework’s analysis, communications, and advisory services help you leverage these unprecedented landscape shifts as business opportunities — rather than allowing them to remain as undetected performance and reputation liabilities.

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