AllianceBernstein releases its 2014 Corporate Responsibility Report

AllianceBernstein 2014 CSR Report

AllianceBernstein recently released its 2014 Corporate Responsibility Report, the company’s first comprehensive report to outline its environmental, social, and governance practices within its business and within the global community.

AllianceBernstein, a Principles of Responsible Investment signatory, utilizes ESG research to help identify risks and opportunities in investments through its dedicated Responsible Investment Committee, which is made up senior employees who, on average, hold 20 years of experience.

Talent management and diversity is also a priority for AllianceBernstein. In 2010, the company had three Employee Resource Groups, which are made up of employees with shared interests or common backgrounds. Now, the company has 16 ERGs with about 800 employees taking part.

Employees have also helped the company support over 1,800 charities around the world, which includes $7 million in donations and thousands of hours in volunteer work.

Framework helped AllianceBernstein prepare its inaugural report under GRI G4 guidelines.

For more on the company’s vision and sustainability goals, visit the firm’s Corporate Responsibility site.

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