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Framework was pleased to receive a Best Practices Honor from the American Psychological Association (APA) at the annual Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards ceremony held March 8 in Washington, D.C. Framework was recognized for its practice of aligning employee’s job duties and responsibilities with their talents, passions and preferences.

Framework’s approach to recruitment, job enrichment, and retention is a key aspect of the firm’s approach to sustainability–a long-term commitment to corporate excellence–that not only helps the firm achieve optimal results but also delivers exceptional value to its clients. Kathee Rebernak, founder and CEO, says, “We will continue to incorporate our strengths- and energy-based management approach with our work for clients so that they, too, can create psychologically healthy, sustainable, and inspiring places to work.”

The firm is also achieving growth in other ways. Over the past few months, Framework has expanded and is proud to announce that Aleksandra Dobkowki-Joy has been… More >

Framework is proud to announce the appointment of Aleksandra Dobkowski-Joy as the firm’s President and Chief Operating Officer.

Since joining Framework in 2004, Aleksandra has been instrumental in the firm’s leadership on GRI reporting and integrated reporting. She is perhaps best known for her extensive work and expertise in materiality analysis. Under her leadership, Framework pioneered the materiality analysis process and has contributed, through research, frontline thinking, and ongoing client work, to the evolution of materiality analysis as an important management tool for understanding and prioritizing risk and opportunity.

“The focused energy and critical thinking that Aleksandra brings to her work and her interactions with clients, employees, and others is one of the reasons for our success as a firm,” says Kathee Rebernak, Framework LLC’s founder and chief executive officer. “Aleksandra’s new role will enable us to continue to lead thinking on what it means—and to help clients demonstrate that… More >

Framework welcomes Kevin Kromash to our staff in the position of Director of Projects and Systems. Kevin will manage all aspects of project planning and execution and will work to improve the efficiency of operations.

Prior to joining Framework, Kevin was Program Manager for the “Corporation 2020” initiative at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, where he coordinated communications, event planning, finances, and research. Kevin’s broad range in understanding organizational systems and his awareness of project breadth will play a pivotal role in Framework’s expansion strategy.

Kevin is excited to have joined Framework and says, “The team is extremely well-respected in the corporate strategy and sustainability field, and I look forward to helping the firm grow.”

Kevin holds two Master’s degrees from Yale University – in Environmental Management and International & Development Economics.