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Framework CEO Kate Rebernak writes about the attitudes and connotations that adhere to words like “ESG”, “citizenship”, and “sustainability”. This article also appears in the Journal of Sustainable Banking & Finance’s May edition.

While in a meeting recently with members of the top management team of an iconic U.S. company (which we’ll call IconCorp), I mentioned, as I often do, that investors increasingly consider companies’ performance on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues in making investment decisions. The comment was based, in part, on the growth in the number of signatories to the UN Principles of Responsible Investment in recent years, the increasing amounts of money being managed by investment professionals who (say they’re) considering ESG factors in their investment process, and the growth in the number of shareholder resolutions over the past several years on issues such as board diversity, reporting on greenhouse gas emissions, and… More >

Why Sustainability? is an essay series in which we invite sustainability practitioners to answer that pointed question. If you’d like to share your own answer, contact us.
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In an article about the importance of having senior executive champions for sustainability in every organization, author and fund manager Paul Herman references Framework’s white paper, “Where Sustainability Lives.” You can read the article here.