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Inclusion on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) can offer real value but require significant investment of time and resources, leading many potential applicants to ask:

Is the time investment worthwhile for my company?
How likely are we to succeed?
What are the benefits of appearing on the DJSI? Is there value in applying even if we aren’t accepted?
Are there efficiencies that can simplify the onerous application process?

At Framework LLC, we are experts in sustainability disclosure and strategy who have helped leading companies such as Coca-Cola, NVDIA, and MetLife increase the efficiency and impact of their efforts—and supported clients in becoming listed on the DJSI.

Please join us for an online panel conversation featuring two respected sustainability professionals who have gotten their companies listed on the DJSI to hear perspectives on these topics and ask your own questions.


Marilyn Johnson
VP Platform Innovation @Brand VO2
Marilyn is an accomplished change agent… More >

The Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) began as one global index in 1999, comprising the top-ranked companies from each industry based on environmental, social, and governance criteria. The DJSI now includes many indices, including one for each world region. Each year, invited companies submit a questionnaire, which is scored and compared to peers. Only companies with the highest scores earn a listing.

In our latest infographic (also available as a .pdf), learn what companies can gain from a DJSI listing, and what questions to ask before considering whether to submit a questionnaire.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the DJSI application process, or other sustainability rankings and indices, contact Aleksandra, Framework President and COO.

Dear Framework clients, partners, and friends:

Thank you for another year of collaboration in pursuing our shared goal of a more sustainable world! It’s a special privilege to get to do this work with you.

For this year’s annual handmade gift, Framework teamed with New Haven-based non-profit Sanctuary Kitchen to create a Syrian culinary treat for you: Syrian Petit Fours. We learned this recipe from Sanctuary Kitchen cook Fatema, a 25-year-old refugee from Syria who arrived in New Haven two years ago with her husband and son. Fatema loves cooking and introducing her new neighbors to Syrian food, and aspires to enter a health-related profession.

Framework is pleased to support Sanctuary Kitchen, a program of CitySeed developed in partnership with a team of community volunteers. The organization’s aim is to improve cultural understanding and appreciation while creating income opportunities for the cooks. They host cooking classes, food demonstration, and supper clubs led… More >