Hard to get to grips with Das Auto

In her latest report review, Kathee Rebernak finds herself wishing that Volkswagen, in its 2012 sustainability report, were as clear about extent to which sustainability figures into its business strategy as it is about its ambition to be the world’s most profitable, fascinating, and sustainable automaker. Extensive discussion of materiality and stakeholder engagement, and strong, quantitative environmental targets are offset somewhat by shortfalls in communicating progress brought about by weak and immeasurable social and diversity goals.

Extensive in length and accessibility to 165 accompanying documents, the report elements are inconsistent and not well connected, making navigation difficult and, in some cases, an exercise in futility. Future reports should endeavor to better connect material issues with strategy, goals, and targets, and should employ commonly used navigational tools and the wonderful pop-up glossary tool such as that found in the annual financial report.

Read the full review, as published in the September 2013 issue of Ethical Corporation Magazine.

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