Assessing your company on the eight elements of integrative thinking

Over the course of a decade of advising major companies, interfacing with other experts, and conducting research, we have identified eight key elements of an integrated business model. Taken together, they can serve as a springboard, roadmap, and measure of companies’ maturity in integrating ESG considerations into their business strategy and operations.

  • Download our Guide to Assessing ESG Integration
  • Read more about ESG integration in Kathee’s GreenBiz article

Each element of integration involves multiple performance aspects and related metrics. And of course, each contains a complex set of issues unto itself that potentially require years of effort to address, and to which no simple checklist can do justice. Our brief self-assessment guide, however, can be applied as a simple first step to recognize areas of strength and potential improvement for your company.

For more information on how Framework LLC can help your company assess and improve its performance in these areas, contact us.

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