McDonald’s 2011 Sustainability Scorecard

In her latest Ethical Corporation review, Kathee Rebernak notes that while McDonald’s says, of its 2011 Global Sustainability Scorecard, that “less is more”, in this case, less is less. While supporting trends toward targeted, concise reporting, Kathee explains that McDonald’s Scorecard fails to appropriately contextualize its discussion of environmental, social, and governance topics. Also absent from the Scorecard is a clear identification of material issues–notably, climate change–related to the company’s five sustainability priorities:

  • Nutrition & well-being
  • Sustainable supply chain
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Community
  • Employee experience

Kathee does, however, give praise to McDonald’s for its impressive gender diversity statistics and professional development opportunities for its employees.

Read the full review, “Needs more beef”, in the November issue of Ethical Corporation magazine, and see McDonald’s 2011 Sustainability Scorecard for reference.


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