Comprehensive capabilities to enhance agility

Because each company’s culture is unique, successfully integrating sustainability strategy and practices requires tailoring tools, processes, and pacing to your business and context.

At Framework, that customization is a core strength. Our pragmatic approach and flexible sustainability service framework allow us to help you create and preserve value no matter where you stand or your desired rate of progress.


Materiality Analysis
Identify your company’s material issues and prioritize resources to manage risk and capture opportunities. Read more on materiality analysis.
Map your competitive landscape. Assess your company’s performance on material issues. Know where you stand relative to competitors and peers to identify advantages and opportunities.
Megatrends Reports
Identify, analyze, and better understand emerging “big picture” issues and envision how you can prepare for and address them in business planning.
Material Issues Ownership Mapping
Understand and assign accountability throughout your organization to reveal the cross-functional nature of issue management.
ESG Research and Data Analysis
Understand the correlations between ESG and financial performance through custom, data-focused briefings and scheduled updates on priority issues, peers, and industry trends.


Reporting (GRI, UNGC, DJSI, CDP, etc.)
Develop and produce transparent, balanced, engaging, and award-winning sustainability and financial reports.
Ratings and Rankings Improvement
Gain visibility into the common aspects of ESG research, ratings, and disclosure frameworks to help optimize your efforts and expand the reach of your reporting.
Stakeholder Engagement
Engage executives, employees, and diverse external stakeholders in sessions designed to promote meaningful dialogue by asking key questions, addressing key challenges, and generating solutions through multi-faceted thinking. With this participation, you can build powerful visions, strengthen relationships, and devise strategies that meet your objectives.
Board, Executive and Employee Engagement
Foster deeper understanding of management and performance imperatives among your company’s leadership and workforce. Deliver thematic or issue-specific briefings, business cases, and internal communications to key audiences.
Branding and Communications Strategy
Clearly communicate value, efforts, and what you stand for through the help of our marketing, design, and public relations guidance.


Strategic Planning
Broaden your view of risk and opportunity to incorporate material issues, stakeholder expectations, and ESG factors into your corporate strategy to help maintain competitive advantages.
Goals and Metrics Development
Push your performance and issue management efforts to the next level by through developing internal metrics and setting quantitative and context-based goals.
Material Issue Action Plans (MAPs)
Unpack issues of known importance to your company and identify strategies and work streams to improve management of and performance on those issues.
Accountability Structures
Develop formal accountability mechanisms for managing material issues without established owners.
Workplace Culture and Change Management
Utilize talent analytics to create the atmosphere and fundamental change needed to enhance your organization’s agility and outperform in the long run.


Each of our services helps your company uncover, communicate, or plan for the shifting set of risks and opportunities that intersect your business. Combined, our work presents you with the full picture of possibilities and gives you the advantage in preparing for often overlooked factors.

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