Symantec Posts 2011 Corporate Responsibility Report

Since the publication of Symantec’s inaugural sustainability report in 2008, the company has been recognized for its innovative stance on identifying and addressing material issues in a way that aligns with core strategies. Per its newly release report, Symantec’s sustainability priorities include:

• Climate & Energy

• Customer Satisfaction

• Securing Information

• Diversity & Inclusion

• Human Rights

• Talent Retention

As the report details, Symantec has significantly expanded the scope of data collection for sustainability metrics and made steady progress toward goals set for these areas. As a UNGC signatory and active member, the Company was also invited to participate in the UNCG LEAD program in 2011—a consortium of 56 companies that are deeply committed to sustainability leadership within the scope of the 10 UNGC Principles.

To learn more about Symantec’s approach to material issues, see the full 2011 Corporate Responsibility Report  or Symantec’s press release.

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