Transforming to Protect the Future

The Challenge

Symantec needed to coordinate its efforts to address environmental, workforce, community, and governance issues under one umbrella for the first time and to heighten awareness of those efforts internally as well as among external stakeholders. The company wanted to prioritize and appropriately allocate its limited resources to its most important issues while building understanding and momentum among employees and management for a broader, more encompassing approach to corporate responsibility. At the same time, Symantec wanted recognition externally for its approach in an industry not generally known for leading on responsibility and sustainability performance.

The Solution

Symantec engaged Framework to advise the company on creating a strategic approach to corporate responsibility and to prepare the company to publish its first corporate responsibility report. Since then, Framework has worked with Symantec to coordinate the company’s efforts, raise awareness and support internally, and communicate its progress through numerous channels, including as a leader of the U.S. Network of the United Nations Global Compact. This work has included materiality analyses, program structuring, drafting reports, and design and content for a completely new website as well as newsletters, blogs, and social media.