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In his review of Bloomberg’s 2012 Sustainability Report, Alec Lager gives the information giant a “bullish” assessment with respect to its sustainability performance and disclosure.

As a kingpin in the financial sector and a major provider of corporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data, Bloomberg’s own performance and management integrity is certainly open to scrutiny. But stakeholders need look no further than the company’s latest sustainability report to understand the thought, care, and intentionality behind Bloomberg’s efforts to maximize (and quantify) ESG performance internally while capturing an ever-increasing share of the ESG data market through its products and services.

While metrics in the report’s environmental section provide an impressive show of Bloomberg’s craft, measures of social performance and ingenuity are comparatively stale. Readers should also note that updated goals and targets are slated for publication in Bloomberg’s next reporting cycle.

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In the most recent session of Sustainable Brands’ “Issues in Focus” series, sustainability practitioners gathered to discuss, debate, and expound on “The New Metrics of Sustainable Business.” Among the conference contributors, Framework’s  Aleksandra Dobkowski-Joy joined with Charlene Wall Warren of BASF to explore the value and applications of materiality analysis in today’s corporate sustainability landscape.

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