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NVIDIA recently released its 2016 Sustainability Report, the company’s seventh report on its environmental, social, and governance progress. This latest update highlights how NVIDIA’s central technology, the Graphics Processing Unit, or GPU, advances demanding and socially-beneficial technologies. The report describes how GPUs help supercomputers model diseases, self-driving cars interpret roads, and virtual reality create entirely new forms of media and communication.

Because of NVIDIA’s performance related to corporate responsibility, multiple organizations have recognized the company’s ESG leadership, including:

CR Magazine adding NVIDIA to the “100 Best Corporate Citizens”
Newsweek ranking NVIDIA fourth in its Green Rankings of US companies
scoring a 98 out of 100 on the company’s CDP disclosure, demonstrating its leadership in climate action and emissions
remaining a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index

To continue its progress, NVIDIA has set several goals for the coming year. This includes ranking suppliers based on the company’s criteria for conflict… More >

In this article, KT Michaelson, Director of Analytics, discusses how companies can lead on climate disclosure in 10-Ks with information already reported in a CDP response, and additional overlap with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) reports. This article first appeared in Compliance Week.

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Climate change is reaching a new altitude in the public’s consciousness. Extreme weather such as last year’s Hurricane Patricia, the strongest hurricane ever measured in the Western Hemisphere, the ongoing California drought, or the recent Winter Storm Jonas, while not individually attributable to climatic shifts, has demonstrated the potential consequences of a changing climate. To put numbers to such effects, a project co-chaired by former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg found that, within the next 25 years, temperature changes will increase energy costs up to $12 billion per year, hurricanes and storms will… More >

Framework’s services span from idea to realization in helping companies build sustainable value over the long-term. Two integral services, reporting and stakeholder engagement, help companies communicate, refine, and execute their strategies.

To help clients maximize the benefits of these services, Framework welcomes Reed Evans as Director of Reporting and Engagement.

Reed helps companies from a wide variety of industries develop and implement sustainability management, engagement, and communication plans. In addition, Reed’s expertise in the GRI reporting process helps her evaluate GRI training programs as a Quality Control Consultant. She has also taught courses in sustainability and participatory process in Munich at both the Rachel Carson Center and the University of Applied Sciences. She holds a M.Sc. in Strategic Leadership toward Sustainability and a M.A. in Teaching.

Framework is excited to bolster its services based on reporting and engagement with the addition of Reed’s expertise.

Learn more about Reed and other Framework staff.