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We’re in the midst of reviewing a tremendous set of applications for our Junior Analyst and internship positions!

As part of the process, we asked applicants to name two things that drive them crazy. For us, this question is a chance to peer beyond the often dry resumés into applicants’ personalities… here are a few that we’ve seen so far:

What drives you crazy?

  • “People who stand still on the left side of escalators”
  • “Leaving jobs unfinished disturbs my core”
  • “Being jostled in a large crowd”
  • “Laziness and a simple lack of courtesy”
  • “I simply cannot stand a defeatist attitude”
  • “People who are destructive to their team”
  • “Lack of alternative transit options”
  • “TV commercials or songs where they spell out words. It’s incredibly kitschy, and uncreative to say the least.”

But perhaps one applicant puts it best of all:

“…we shouldn’t concern ourselves with the things that make us crazy; rather we should immerse ourselves in the things we’re crazy about.”