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For this installment of Answered, we asked Chris Fowle, VP Investor Initiatives CDP North America, about the role of carbon disclosure in investor research and decision-making in the era of the historic COP21 climate agreement.

Fowle’s answers illustrate a growing interest among investors in understanding and valuing portfolio exposure to emissions-related risk. He indicates more companies are also stepping up to set science-based emission reduction targets.

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Framework: Who are the investors represented by the CDP and who use its data? What should companies understand about them?

Chris Fowle: More than 800 investors, representing over $100 trillion in combined assets are signatories to CDP’s annual information request on climate change. This is the largest collaboration of investors in history on any single issue, and provides the authority behind CDP’s questionnaires. This authority has enabled CDP to build… More >

Framework Selected 2012 Trends 2 and 3
What individuals and companies are focusing on this year

As part of Framework’s ongoing effort to keep clients abreast of the emerging issues in managing for sustainability, we compiled a list of developments and issues to follow in 2012. While some are client-specific and can’t be shared, several deal with sustainable business practices more generally. So we decided to share our perspective on what individuals and companies will think about, talk about, and work on this year. 

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Trend 2: Disclosure initiatives continue to proliferate and become more specific, and they increasingly require verification (auditing or assurance)

Stakeholders of all stripes—customers, employees, investors, analysts, regulators/governments, local communities—are demanding more detailed information on more issues related to company operations and their impacts on people, the environment, and society as a whole.  Stakeholders are also demanding that the information… More >

Getting It Right:
Materiality Analysis and Strategic Sustainability

Welcome to Framework:CR’s five-part blog series on materiality analysis. In this series we discuss:

our methodology, using the CRO100 Best of 2010
how many companies conducted materiality analyses
whether the materiality process and results were described or presented
the connection between GRI A-level reporting and materiality analyses
how materiality analyses helps companies to act more strategically and prepare for integrated financial and sustainability reporting

Part 1 in a Series

The Lay of the Land
Are sustainability leaders identifying and reporting on material issues?

What are your company’s major challenges, risks, and opportunities? How do you know?
Is it clear what steps you’re taking to address top-priority issues?
Are the top-priority issues reflected in your financial filings and disclosures?

These… More >