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MetLife recently released its Global Impact report for 2013, its most robust corporate responsibility report ever. The report meets a need for comprehensive global information about the company that can be shared across languages and with stakeholders around the world.

Advancing priorities of concern, MetLife employed its financial expertise built on 150 years in business and made several impact investments, which include:

Investing $300 million in technology to give customers a superior experience, like reducing call wait times, payment turnaround times, and access to financial tools in underserved areas.
Investing $2.8 billion in renewable energy since 2003.
Building an affordable housing portfolio worth nearly $3 billion.
Equity stakes in 35 LEED-certified properties.
Committing $40 million to finance veteran’s housing in the U.S.
Announcing MetLife Foundation’s $200 million commitment over five years to improve financial inclusion around the world.

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NVIDIA recently published its 2014 Citizenship Report under GRI G4 guidelines. The company achieved progress on many of its social and environmental goals, such as collecting data from suppliers to help understand the company’s complete water and carbon footprint of its products.

The company also highlighted the accomplishments of the GPU (graphics processing unit), its core business product, in researching cancer, mapping genomes, improving infrastructure, and exploring the galaxy. The focus on the fundamental product’s social impact illustrates the often overlapping benefits of financial and citizenship targets.

NVIDIA’s new goals for next year include:

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 15% by 2019, from the base year 2013.
Participating in Dow Jones Sustainability Index process.
Implementing a new manufacturing parts database that catalogues the social and environmental compliance of parts, which will help engineering teams to make better design decisions in support of NVIDIA’s citizenship goals.

Framework LLC supported developing the report and materiality analysis.

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In his review of Bloomberg’s 2012 Sustainability Report, Alec Lager gives the information giant a “bullish” assessment with respect to its sustainability performance and disclosure.

As a kingpin in the financial sector and a major provider of corporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data, Bloomberg’s own performance and management integrity is certainly open to scrutiny. But stakeholders need look no further than the company’s latest sustainability report to understand the thought, care, and intentionality behind Bloomberg’s efforts to maximize (and quantify) ESG performance internally while capturing an ever-increasing share of the ESG data market through its products and services.

While metrics in the report’s environmental section provide an impressive show of Bloomberg’s craft, measures of social performance and ingenuity are comparatively stale. Readers should also note that updated goals and targets are slated for publication in Bloomberg’s next reporting cycle.

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