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After long anticipation, integrated reporting is gaining momentum, a fact that will be aided by the release of new guidelines by both the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in 2013.

In order to gauge progress in the field and identify current best practices as these developments take shape, Framework has produced The State of Integrated Reporting: Innovation and Experimentation in the Merging of ESG and Financial Disclosure, a new study comparing disclosures self-identified as integrated by 12 global companies.

What exactly is integrated reporting, and can it work for your company? Learn the latest on this important new communication format by reviewing our new research and joining us for a discussion with some of the field’s pioneers:

  • Download the PDF of the full study
  • Read the summary of our findings on
  • See materials from our recent webinar, Integrated Reporting: On-the-Ground Perspectives

I attended a fascinating JustMeans conference on social media, technology, and change yesterday. Taking a quick spin through my notes, here’s what stands out!

Since August, Dell has trained upwards of 3,500 employees on how to use social media (how many has your company trained?) Key lessons: listen first. Social media is NOT broadcast media. Be authentic.
Read the Cluetrain Manifesto if you haven’t already. Early predictions about the internet have come to pass in a big way, namely: markets are conversations. We (as consumers) want to know the human face of the businesses we buy from.
Nestle made some painfully basic social media mistakes when attacked by Greenpeace for using unsustainably farmed palm oil. Note to self: don’t encourage hacking of your logo by specifically forbidding activists to hack your logo…
The “injection method” or “let me tell you what to think”… More >