Recent posts on Sustainability reporting

NVIDIA recently released its 2016 Sustainability Report, the company’s seventh report on its environmental, social, and governance progress. This latest update highlights how NVIDIA’s central technology, the Graphics Processing Unit, or GPU, advances demanding and socially-beneficial technologies. The report describes how GPUs help supercomputers model diseases, self-driving cars interpret roads, and virtual reality create entirely new forms of media and communication.

Because of NVIDIA’s performance related to corporate responsibility, multiple organizations have recognized the company’s ESG leadership, including:

CR Magazine adding NVIDIA to the “100 Best Corporate Citizens”
Newsweek ranking NVIDIA fourth in its Green Rankings of US companies
scoring a 98 out of 100 on the company’s CDP disclosure, demonstrating its leadership in climate action and emissions
remaining a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index

To continue its progress, NVIDIA has set several goals for the coming year. This includes ranking suppliers based on the company’s criteria for conflict… More >

Covanta recently released its 2014 Sustainability Report, its third comprehensive report and first to prioritize an online format, to communicate its sustainability management and performance.

Covanta has proactively worked to integrate sustainability into its operations since establishing its Clean World Initiative eight years ago. In the report, Covanta highlights this past year’s successes, including:

its Energy from Waste, or EfW, service that reduced greenhouse gas, or GHG, emissions by 18.2 million tons
achieving 99.95% compliance with regulatory air standards over the past three years
increased reclaimed wastewater use of 19%, a 4% increase over 2013
increased alternative water use of 30%, a 6% increase over 2013

To continue momentum toward enhanced sustainability management, Covanta also outlines future goals, including:

developing, implementing, tracking, and reporting on safety performance metrics with the goal of measuring improvement by 2020
developing diversity and inclusion awareness training with complete participation by the end of 2017
increasing the amount of waste utilized in energy recovery and other sustainable waste management by 10% by 2020

Framework LLC… More >

Coca-Cola recently released its 2014/2015 Sustainability Report, which marks the company’s progress toward its 2020 sustainability goals as it works within its “Me, We, World” sustainability framework. The company continues to focus on its three priorities of well-being, women, and water, making progress on each issue:

  • To address well-being, nearly all of Coca-Cola’s products around the world now feature front-of-pack calorie information to help consumers make nutrition choices that fit their lifestyle.
  • To help reach Coca-Cola’s goal of enabling economic empowerment for 5 million women by 2020 in its 5by20™ program, the company helped empower over 300,000 women in 2014.
  • Coca-Cola replenished 94% of the water used in its finished beverages in 2014, up from 68% in 2013. This puts it ahead of schedule to completely balancing water use by 2020.

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For more information on Coca-Cola’s 2020 goals and progress, visit the company’s Sustainability site.